Naveed Iqbal A Web Designer

Naveed is a chest down paralyzed person residing in Saudi Arabia. Naveed met a car accident back in 2008, which left him a Quadriplegic person.

Dealing with the changes in his body and motor function was not easy, as Naveed lost sensation in his feet, legs, and torso up till his shoulders. He have no control over his fingers, except a thumb on his right hand, which can be maneuvered slightly.

Naveed is now a self-reliant man, who turned his situation around, using nothing but a PC and his resolute will power. Naveed did not let his physical inadequacies stop him, he not only managed to self-educate but now also earns a living by publishing professional web designs which are downloaded by millions online.
“Try to motivate people with new hopes, instead of pulling them down.” - Naveed Iqbal.
Naveed have designed 100+ templates. Most of them are free along with their premium versions. Naveed specialises in CSS3, Javascript, HTML5 and jQuery.

Naveed's story is being published on big blogs like, and many other.